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Resume meeting day 3/10/2019

Friday, 04 October, 2019


We know that it's not always possible to attend the meetings, but the synergy that was bouncing between the members in last meeting, really proves why you should not miss out. 

The meeting kicked off with a fantastic video which showed the energy in the charity event that was held on the 20th of September, and conversations regarding the publicity that was achieved from the event including Última hora, Daily Bulletin and in the forthcoming edition of the Celebrity Magazine. REU Event brings more awareness to the Club and it's members, and not forgetting the main focus,  the total raised for the charity. “Next year lets vote for the charity the members of REU want the funds to go to, this way the members can decide which charity they want to benefit from the REU event”. Donna suggested. 

As normal the members spoke of their businesses and the offers and demands, which are listed below. If you were not able to make the meeting please have a good look over the contents as there may be something you can collaborate with. 

Despite our meetings are fun and light-hearted we are all here to make business, so don’t delay, if you see something of interest email your fellow member via REU and let's get selling. Yes there may be harder times coming, but by sticking together we will be the strong ones who pull through and make money together, the good time is coming, at least for the REU members.

With the strength of REU growing and the confidence between members, it became apparent that REU club is building relationships between members and getting results, using the online platform to kick off the connections and their professional strength to close business REU members proudly stood up and announced the various sales with fellow members. With almost 30% of the attendees announcing collaboration sales between members. 

Here are the offers and demands from last nights meeting, if you weren’t able to join us at this event, please, don’t miss the next one!

To conclude, we would like to remind all members that together we are making business, be active, get involved and you to will reap the rewards, now is when we gain strength, united our Business club for estate agents and associated companies makes sense. 
We look forward to receiving you at the next meeting be sure to check the REU home page and put the date in your diary for the next networking event.

February meeting

Friday, 07 February, 2020

Yesterday we held our usual meeting last night, at the MALLORCA OFFICE BUSINESS CENTER in Palma.

It was a fruitful meeting where everyone was able to present very interesting opportunities and discuss their demands. Last night quite a few members were able to offer potential collaborations, and we encourage our members to reach out to those collaborators as soon as...

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Introducing REU

Sunday, 19 January, 2020

Welcome to the world's first integrated work tool for real estate agents and other businesses associated with the industry. We offer collaborations agreed in advance, we facilitate bureaucracy, we help you save time and resources that will allow you to focus on creating business and closing your sales. Why waste time with unwanted paperwork? REU partners are productive entrepreneurs with...

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have you seen this person?

Wednesday, 15 January, 2020


"Maria is passionate about sales, she has a real estate agency. She has discovered the secret of generating sales
more quickly and efficiently. It covers every demand of its customers with a single click and has in its hand the widest portfolio of properties. Maria works in real estate gives her freedom. Save time using the REU...

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Merry Christmas

Sunday, 01 December, 2019

REU celebrated its Pre Christmas networking meeting on Thanks Giving US holiday and the same day as the Palma Lights were switched on.  Welcoming new members and existing to the OD Hotel Portals On Thursday the 28th of November. 

Donna Suarez announced that REU had been nominated for the most innovative business tool Europe by Build Magazine and.. Guess what We Won!!...

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Do you want to join the next networking meeting?

Tuesday, 15 October, 2019

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